Happy New Year!

Posted by: Lisa,

Okay - 11 days into 2012, I'm finally adding a post to a blog that I've titled "Daily."

Once the new year's festivities are over, the beginning of January is kind of a drag for me. I usually realize that I've spent too much, have too many bills, and there's no way I can make all of my resolutions. Plus, it gets cold, which fortunately, it has not gotten very cold, yet here in NJ.

But things keep rolling on. Projects pick up steam at work, I guess because new budgets open up and people start pushing on things that they've had on the back burner. My musical groups are starting up again, giving me quite a few songs to learn and memorize for a new season.

I am having a pretty good time playing with my Christmas toys, too. I got a Livescribe Echo, and it has proven to be really useful. I am trying to figure out how to best use the Evernote integration. I sort of wish that it would work like the Livescribe Desktop does because I like how the Desktop will compare the file I saved with the file that I changed and merge the changes. If I keep uploading notebooks to Evernote, I'll have a gazillion copies. On the flip side, if I try to do it page at a time, I'll forget to do it for a few days, and I'll have pages missing, so I'll forget that I did it and have duplicates.

My new goal for my pen is to learn how to imprint my own pdf over the dot paper, print it out, mark it up, and then imprint my pdf over the pencast. I've found instructions, and it looks a little complicated, but not impossible.

Bowling night tonight - let's see how it goes!



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