3D? Seriously?

Posted by: Lisa,

I keep seeing numerous advertisements for movies coming out in 3D, and I see 3D televisions coming out all over the place, and I keep asking myself why... Who wants these things?

First of all... Glee in 3D? I love Glee, but why on earth does anyone need to see it in 3D? What value does that possibly bring to the viewing and listening experience?

I feel like Nintendo has also been trying to force 3D down the throats of the consumer for a very long time. From Virtual Boy to the Nintendo 3DS, I've effectively ignored all of them.

3D technology as it exists today hurts my eyes. And there's no way that I'm going to walk through my living room with a pair of glasses on to glance at the news on TV.

LOL - I'm old.

Can we just skip to the time when "holodecks" will be as accessible as iPads? That would be cool. In the meantime, I'd like to see Hollywood create better stories on a 2D screen rather than re-release everything under the sun in 3D. What a waste of time and money.



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