2012 DCA Alumni Spectacular

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http://youtu.be/Dcq9MxOyNPg - Skyliner Alumni DCA Annapolis Md. 9-2-12
http://youtu.be/gYL05y-es04 - Skyliner Alumni DCA Encoe Elks Parade Annapolis Md 9-2-12

From comments gathered by the corps director:

Here’s just a sampling of some comments from the announcers as they were calling our show on drumcorpsplanet:

“…Nice arrangement of On The Town! Slow tempo but in your face. Snare line is TIGHT to start the show…”
“…Horns are ripping face…”
“…Skyliners are doing what they do best. PLAY LOUD. ..”
“…Yeah, baritones. Great sound on the Columbia Gem of the Ocean…”
“…didn't know you could put out that much sound on those small contras...”
“…Somebody check for lungs flying out of the bells…”
“…Classic Skyliners in your face ending…”
“…Contras are literally barking through Elk's Parade. There's only five of them, too!...”

And another comment from Fran Haring: Sky Alumni was great at the Alumni show Sunday! I was up on the press box level, and the baritone and contra lines were drilling holes in my head. LOL. And I mean that as a compliment!!!

For those of you not on Facebook, here’s a link to the audio of the show: http://www.seldencadets.org/music/Alumni%20Audios/Skyliners%20Alumni%202012%20DCA%20Alumni%20Spectacular.mp3



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