Dude, where's my car?

Posted by: Lisa,

In a somewhat random twist of fate, my 2004 Chrysler Sebring decided it doesn't want to play with me anymore. Ron and I were going to grab some breakfast and run errands last Saturday. We were just exiting the parkway at 105, and we were still on the exit ramp when Ron realized the car had stalled - while we were driving! He pulled over to the side of the road, and the car wouldn't start up again.

AAA was awesome - they told us that they had to contact someone with authority to tow on the Parkway, which had us thinking that we would need to tow to the nearest parking lot and then get someone from AAA to tow us to our mechanic. Fortunately, the tow truck guy that showed up was also AAA, and since things weren't busy, he was able to take us all the way to Hazlet, and AAA paid for the whole thing.

Our mechanic told us that the engine didn't have oil. We know there was oil, so something must have been preventing the oil from getting where it needed to be, or there was some kind of leak or something. He could have figured it out exactly, but being that there was no piece of that car still under warranty, what would have been the point?

So, a car shopping we went. Tom's Ford was also pretty awesome. We gave them our needs and what we wanted to spend, and they showed us a used car that worked out perfectly. They let us take it to our mechanic to take a look, and all was fine.

New year, new car. Still the worst "investment" you can make, but what can you do? Gotta get to work and to all the fun places we like to go! Here it is - 2009 Ford Fusion!



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