Not so Joli-cloud...

Posted by: Lisa,

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to consider Jolicloud a failed experiment. I tried to install it on a 4GB SD card on an Asus 701 eeepc. Unfortunately, it just runs too slowly. Browsing the web is too slow to be useful, when I tried to login to Blogger, it complained that I couldn't save cookies, and a YouTube video darn near crashed the whole system.

I did like the idea that I was able to configure my environment from other computers - that saved a lot of time. I think that I would enjoy using Jolicloud on a computer that has a little more oomph.

Soooo... wondering what my next experiment will be. I need something that will run fast on anything. Even if it means that it will only do a couple of things well. If all else fails, I'll just have to run it as a photoframe with a keyboard. :-)



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