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It's kind of weird that when Facebook was announcing it's timeline feature, I had already been thinking about it. Not through Facebook, but I was trying to figure out how I could point people to see my pictures and videos about all the performances I have done. I didn't want the traditional photo album because I really wanted it to be connected to the date that I performed.

I briefly thought that maybe I could use Google Calendar. I could create a new calendar, and then use Google's APIs to display all of the events that would be set in the past with the pictures and videos embedded into the description. I thought about this for a while and it seemed like it might be a lot of coding work and might still be clunky. I thought that someone must already be doing this.

I flirted with the idea of using Memolane. However, I'm not terribly fond of the user interface, and I don't like the way that the timeline is displayed.

So then I realized that I had a solution all along, and it's simple! I could use the Post Options in Blogger to "schedule" posts in the past.

Add to that the Location: option, and I have a solution that's pretty darned good. With the Labels, I can tag all of my performance posts under performance, and also use a label to tell which group I was performing with.

Here is the result of my efforts - I hope you enjoy!



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