Striving for Fitness

Posted by: Lisa,

So, I'm into what I guess is my second week of being back at the gym. I'm really trying to take it seriously this time. Also trying to cut back on the food that I eat. It's not easy for me for anybody.

A few years ago, I was on Weight Watchers. The good news is that I lost 25 pounds! The bad news is that all I did was talk about food and how many points there are in everything. I was driving myself crazy - I have no idea how my friends and family felt. So, now my goal is to try to do enough to make a difference without becoming a nutrition / gym fanatic because that's not who I am.

I would really enjoy some extra lung capacity so that I can play through "Strike Up the Band" on a 90+ degree day and not feel like I ran a marathon.

My other reason for wanting to do this is something that I haven't thought much about before. One of the things that I've realized through Faith's life is that not all people are guaranteed to be born healthy and live full lives. Faith is no longer with us because her heart never fully developed. I have a perfectly healthy heart. Why would I give that away by not taking care of it? Why should I put myself at risk for diabetes? I've been strong about not getting into habits like smoking. Why should these other aspects of my health be any different?

So, my plan right now is to attend as many Zumba classes as I can. Zumba is fun and doesn't feel like exercising. I only look at the clock a couple of times during the class. I'm also trying to limit what I eat at work and eat smaller portions of what I eat for dinner. If I can establish a good routine with that, I can look at what else to add to it later.

Wish me luck!



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